Join the alpha tribe with Voodoo!

10 days ago our Kickstarter campaign for Voodoo came to a successful end. We were able to raise over €32k and now the team at Brain in the Box is (happily) overclocking to bring the Early Access release to Steam ASAP.

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We received a wave of enthusiastic support during our Kickstarter campaign.
However another pleasant surprise was that after the campaign we received many messages from gamers who were looking for a way to support.

Our good news is that today we've opened up a new pre-alpha access portal for those supporters who want to continue to walk the line with us. Being so close to a Steam Early Access release, it's more important than ever for us to get as much feedback, suggestions, and bug reports as possible.

Joining the alpha tribe

There are currently two ways to get involved in Voodoo's pre-alpha.

  1. Pre-Alpha Key Access (€15): Receive a pre-alpha key and have access to Voodoo's world while the game is in development right up until Early Access release.
  2. Pre-Alpha Key Access (€25): Receive a pre-alpha key but also access to a tester account, enabling you to become an official tester of the game and giving you direct lines of communication with the developers.

We're very excited to have more people joining our beloved Alpha Tribe! We also hope you are happy that we've found a way to get those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign involved in the project.

See you in the savanna!

 Important note!

This is a Pre-Alpha version of Voodoo. It is incomplete and gameplay elements may differ from the final release. To avoid spoilers, bugs, and a glitchy gaming experience, please wait for the full release on Steam.

Spend $15
and receive
a pre-alpha key
Spend $25
and receive
pre-alpha key +
tester account
enabling you to
become an official
tester of the game
Voodoo is currently in PRE-ALPHA. Early Access release is scheduled for Q2 2017
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