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Vector Velocity


This game is provided via Steam key. For key redemption a free steam account is required.


Tired of being limited to a stationary virtual position in VR? Ready to stretch your legs?

In Vector Velocity movement is the name of the game.
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Slide
  • Climb
  • Grind
  • Skid
  • Zipline

Race your way from point A to B as fast as you can. Levels are interesting and unique, each offering its own challenge.

Run by moving your hands up and down as if you were running in real life. Move your hands up swiftly to jump and down swiftly to slide. Grab onto walls and climb to the top. Control your direction with your hands while skidding down a slope. Feel the surfaces as you grind against walls or hold onto a zipline.

Vector Velocity offers an immersive experience that will physically challenge you. Can you keep up with this parkour inspired game?

This game has been reviewed by VR Health Institute

Vector Velocity image
Additional info
Release date2017-11-23
DeveloperDavid Mulder
PublisherDavid Mulder


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