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Time Ramesside (A New Reckoning)


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About This Game

Disclaimer" All reviews are based on Early Access that doesn't resemble the game at this point. We have not uploaded a recent build in the past month because we have worked very hard to get this game to full release.

A New Reckoning is an Action-Horror FPS using the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a true next-gen zombie experience. Explore a horrific story that involves your 8 year old daughter, Gabby, who seems to be caught in the middle of a wide spread disease not only affects humans, but other life forms as well.
You play as scientist Mark Faroh, who has been confined to a government facility. On your way to the facility, chaos, death and destruction takes place. You quickly realize that your past has caught up to you, and it involves your daughter. Your only hope for survival is to fight your way through different parts of terrain, learn how to harvest certain zombies' special abilities and how to wield them in combat. Explore open worlds, and discover the truth about the chaos that has taken place.

Time Ramesside is a FPS hard core gaming experience all around. If you looking for a high fast paced zombie game, that brings in unique play mechanics such as a spell system, and a leveling up system this is the game for! This is nothing like traditional FPS zombie shooters on the market. We have designed a system when you kill enemies you gain XP points, and SP. The experience points when reaching certain levels you automatically power up. This power up improves and gives you more health, unlocks spells, powers up spells, and also powers up our ammo and weapons, making them more deadly.

Programming is rock solid. Welge is implementing better A.I., Asset Mechanics for Props and original Game Systems. The A.I. Is being aimed to match the true vision of his incredible script, and those of later plots. Welge is no doubt even now aiming for the Undead to regain HP from other devouring other Undead and the Environment

Additionally, an Original Spawning Mechanic (O.S.M) will now require Players to manipulate how they Spawn in Numbers and Cycles (S.N.C), potentially even controlling which Undead can Spawn. The Original Magic System (O.M.S) has been Implemented but will require lots of balancing for the simple reason it’s a Magic System, that requires the player to be incredibly aggressive from Gun and Melee attacks

As a result, some spells have no or little Magic Cost and reward Magic Points for other Spells. They do drain when no action is taking place with other Status Aliments affecting it’s Magic Gain. Welge will soon also have specialized A.I. for the Archdead and Death Giants – but work of course this requires time and money – even talent – while outsourcing or hiring requiring lots of resources. And love

1st Place MAGD Awards (2013) as shown in the Hollywood Film "Starlet", A New Reckoning is an Action-Horror First Person Shooter using the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver a AAA Gaming Experience at an affordable price. With it's Open World style of exploration, A New Reckoning encourages discovery of a planet ravaged by an original virus that caused all forms of natural disasters. Simultaneously, the virus caused people to spontaneously turn into all devouring zombies, consuming everything in their sights from themselves to others and even buildings. An amnesiac prisoner named Mark Faroh blasts his way to freedom from the all-devouring paranormal undead. However, the Earth reveals a worse fate as the undead escalate with the last 1% of humanity dwindling by the second. A female spirit claims Mark is his daughter with this dark protagonist taking a spiritual quest to find his relationship to her and this chaos. All the while Death Giants roam and a few Undead speak coherently.

After almost a year on early access we have uploaded literally 201 builds in grand total here on steam. We appreciate all the support our fans have given us.
Time Ramesside (A New Reckoning) image
Additional info
Release date2015-05-01
DeveloperPanzer Gaming Studios
PublisherPanzer Gaming Studios
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