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Puzzle Chambers


This game is provided via Steam key. For key redemption a free steam account is required.


You wake up in an unknown place and soon run into a few more people who have also been abducted. You quickly discover three things:
-Everyone here has supernatural abilities
-The only way to move through this cryptic place is by solving puzzles
-And your hosts are either aliens, monsters from another dimension, or severely messed up human beings

-Unique, easy to understand and difficult to solve puzzles

-At least one or two plot twists

-A few disturbingly easy-going and few disturbingly simple-minded characters

-Option for Free Solutions to jump ahead if the puzzle gets too difficult
-Setting for unlimited Free Solutions, for those who don’t feel like solving around 70 puzzles but want to check out the story
Puzzle Chambers image

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Additional info
Release data2017-12-01
DeveloperEntertainment Forge