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Lords of the Fallen - The Foundation Boost


This game is provided via Steam key. For key redemption a free steam account is required.

Downloadable Content This content requires the base game Lords Of The Fallen Digital Deluxe Edition in order to play.

About This Content

The DLC package contains 2 special resource cards which can be redeemed for a small boost to help Harkyn get started:
● Attribute Points Card
Play this card to achieve 2 additional Attribute Points.
● Potion Card
Play this card to achieve 1 additional health potion.
The resource cards will be added to the inventory of each of your characters / savegames as soon as the DLC is installed. By using a resource card you will be rewarded with the corresponding resource and the card gets destroyed.
Lords of the Fallen - The Foundation Boost image
This deal expires in:
Additional info
DeveloperCI Games, Deck 13
PublisherCI Games


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