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about this game

About This Game

What is one small step for a human, is one GiAnt adventure for an Ant....

Help the Solo Developer

Join Adam in this fun filled first-person platformer from the indie solo developer at 'Wreck Tangle Games'. Roam vast human sized worlds as a tiny little ant, but this is no Ant Simulator! This is an AntVenture! Adam must find sweet delectables whilst being hunted by all manner of creatures, animals and insects!! Spiders, Fly’s, Rats, Wasps, Cockroaches and even humans will stop at nothing to get rid of the ant infestation! Candy isn’t just lying around either; puzzles fill the worlds blocking you from success! Solve the puzzles whilst avoiding, running from or stopping your enemies!


*****Please, If you find any bugs (the computer kind, not the cockroach kind!) please either write on the forums for help, or send an email at Right now Wreck Tangle Games is just one man, and after testing the final build of the game 48 times I have a) nearly lost my mind, but b) squashed many problems in the game BUT c) I KNOW there are more! So do let me know, and I'll look into any issues right away! And update the game ASAP[/u]

Thank you!!


After a mix up at birth, Adam joins the female worker ants in there battle to collect food for the nest. Adam gets nominated as the sweet collecting ant, the most challenging of all food collecting teams, as those fatty humans do not often drop these little delectables. Adam must roam vast human sized worlds hunting for those goodies that have been littered by man, but not all treasures are just lying around, obstacles and challenges will get in your way at every corner. Plus, you're not the only one looking for food either, while collecting our tiny hero must avoid other insects and vermin who are hunting for the same thing (*and don't forget those pesky humans).

You are not alone against these challenges though, other ants from your colony will help with tips, items and will even pull together to create 'Ant bridges' across deadly drops. Along with them you are also equipped with your 'Antdar' a natural radar that all ant's possess, this will help you find the next candy piece, power ups and even your way back home. Power ups are scattered around the worlds to help you survive and reach previously unreachable areas! Jumping higher or running faster may come in useful.

So if you think you're GiAnt enough to....

+ See your world from a different perspective – Experience everyday areas from an ant sized height.
+ The Garden, The Cinema, A Nightclub + More

+ Use your “AntDar” to find food, secrets and power ups

+ Solve human sized puzzles and conquer mankind’s obstacles

+ Use Power-Ups to escape tough situations
+Super Speed, Super Jump and Invincibility

= Plus so much more

Remember... You may be small to some... But anyone can be... GiAnt

**More Than Just an Ant Simulator, this is an AntVenture**


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