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Football Tactics

Football Tactics


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about this game

About This Game


Who ever needs a turn-based football?

  • Do you like when your success depends on your decision, not on the reflexes?
  • Do you like to be able to evaluate the situation on a pitch and give the commands to the footballers without a hurry?
  • Do you like to completely control the development of your team?

If yes - you need it.

In the turn-based matches, you always see why a footballer played well or poor. With this understanding, you can decide what to do with the footballer particularly and your tactics in general. It’s like in the turn-based RPGs: when you control every turn of your units - you better understand how to develop your team.



In many games, the units with the higher stats are stronger. To defeat the stronger opponents you just need to increase your stats.

In our turn-based mechanics, there is one important factor - skills. When a footballer has a skill, he can change the situation in the game despite his low stats.

For example, if a footballer has a skill Cannon Shot, he will score with the same probability to both the weak and strong goalkeepers. But your tactical tasks are - to be sure the footballer has full stamina, make an opponent to open the position for the kick, place your footballer to the needed position for the kick.

By combining different skills you can win the opponents which are much stronger than you.

The match’s mechanics we created from the scratch, prototyping for a long time. That’s why we managed to reach the balance between the convention and realism, between the cold tactical calculations and emotional football drama.

The matches are short, so they do not bore you. When you master the different tactical elements, you will be able to score many goals in the given time.



You should care not only about your next match but also about the whole season. You have to think about future:

- would you allow your young footballers to play (and lose), and gain experience?
- would you put your money in the young footballers?
- would you sell your old experienced footballers? (And when? The older the footballer, the lower the price)
- what stats are important to develop in your club?

Every new campaign is generated differently. So every time you play from the start, your experience will be not the same as previous time.


Why do we develop Football Tactics?

Creoteam is a tiny independent team. We are few, but we are very experienced (developing games for more than 10 years).

Football Tactics is a football strategy made right. We as football lovers really wanted to have the game which is easy to start playing but hard to master. We wanted the game in which our heads don’t explode from the amount of game data, but there should be enough depth to keep playing and finding new tactics or possibilities. The game should be fun from the start.

We like strategies, in which players should think about development. We like tactical games, where players should make decisions on the course of the game. And we like football with its unpredictability and drama. All these things we put in Football Tactics.

Also, we understand that every player is different. And everyone has its own tastes. That’s why we give different possibilities to make your play unique: different match lengths, unlimited money, support of modifications and other options are available at the start of the campaign.

We really love our game and hope you will love it too.

If you like managing a team but haven't been deep in football/soccer, you'll like this game as well. Just read what other similar players write about that.



  • Turn-based matches - Unique turn-based system allows to use your strong sides against tactical mistakes of an opponent
  • Campaign - Make your way from Amateur to Premier League, play in the Cup matches, buy and train your footballers, improve your club
  • Skills System - Experiment with skills and talents to build unique team
  • Smooth Animations - footballers move like in real football with smooth and realistic animations
  • Club's Upgrades - upgrade your stadium, invest in the young footballers and hire coaches to make your club stronger
  • Mods support - create your own leagues or play the leagues created by other players
  • Online mode - call your friends and create a playoff tournament. Who is the best tactician among you?
  • Hot Seat - choose a favourite national club and play against a friend on one PC
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