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Crazy Machines 2: Essential Puzzle Pack


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About This Game

Get ready for the complete Crazy Machines 2 experience! Every level, every part, every piece, every contraption— it's all here in the Crazy Machines 2: Essential Puzzle Pack! This collection includes Crazy Machines 2 and every downloadable content pack and add-on, including the all-new 10th Anniversary DLC collection!

In the critically acclaimed Crazy Machines 2, players of all ages can experiment with physics while building functional, fun, or just plain silly contraptions and machines. This collection gives aspiring inventors everything they need to build state-of-the-art Rube Goldberg-style contraptions!

Crazy Machines 2: Essential Puzzle Pack features:

  • Hundreds of elements to create and destroy
  • Incredible 3D graphics with dazzling effects
  • World Tour, Online, and Free-Style modes
  • Trophy Hall for winning solutions!
  • AGEIA PhysX Hardware support
  • Challenges for kids and adults!
  • Multiple ways to solve each puzzle for maximum replay value
  • Share your own levels and download others from the Crazy Machines community

Explore, Explode, Experiment
An amazing 3D physics engine lets you craft off-the-wall gadgets and odd effects. A treasure drove of deranged devices — everything from wrecking balls, lightning rods, lasers, pulleys, springs, gears and more — gives you the building blocks to create custom-tailored chain reactions. Test the laws of puzzle physics to ensure your zany experiments succeeded. Piece together a madcap mousetrap and then some!

Methods to Madness
Simple problems turn complex when Crazy Machines brainteasers come into play. Whoever thought an ordinary task like popping a balloon or cooking a hot dog could become something so wildly weird? The process of converting and directing raw energy into useful motion will ignite your ideas into systematic components of fun.

Silly Fun for All
Delve into a new wacky world of 3D entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Easily understandable gameplay makes the Crazy Machines 2 a delight from beginning to end.
Get puzzling and put your crazy creativity to the test. The ultimate Crazy Machine contraption is just waiting for you!

Crazy Machines: Essential Puzzle Pack includes:

  • Crazy Machines 2
  • Crazy Machines 2: Back to the Shop Add-On
  • Crazy Machines 2: Fluid Add-On
  • Crazy Machines 2 Time Travel Add-on
  • Crazy Machines 2 Halloween DLC
  • Crazy Machines 2: Happy New Year DLC
  • Crazy Machines 2 - Invaders from Space
  • Crazy Machines 2: Invaders From Space, 2nd Wave DLC
  • Crazy Machines 2 - Jewel Digger DLC
  • Crazy Machines 2: Pirates
  • Crazy Machines 2: 10th Anniversary DLC
Crazy Machines 2: Essential Puzzle Pack image
Additional info
DeveloperFakt Software
PublisherViva Media


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