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Impulsion game image
Impulsion game image
Impulsion game image
Impulsion game image
Impulsion game image

This game is provided via Steam key. For key redemption a free steam account is required.


Make your way through 25 levels of increasing difficulty by manipulating physics to your advantage shooting force fields to slow down or accelerate yourself and the environment!

Tired of easy games? Hop into the Competitive and Speedrun modes to climb the leaderboards! Challenge your friends, online players and yourself! Be prepared... It's not going to be easy.



  • Fast-paced platformer in first-person experience!
  • Challenging levels providing hours of gameplay
  • Story Mode with an intriguing science-fiction story filled with funny dialogues
  • Competitive Mode with Steam leaderboards to challenge the world ...and your friends
  • Speedrun Mode with an in-game timer for players looking for the hardest of challenges!


Impulsion image
Additional info
Release date2018-07-19
DeveloperDriving Force Games
PublisherDear Villagers
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