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Cities: Skylines - Rock City Radio

Cities: Skylines - Rock City Radio game image
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Downloadable Content This content requires the base game Cities: Skylines in order to play.

Do you wish your commute was more head banging, and less banging your head on the steering wheel? Are all of the suburbs you have designed best described as 'rockin''? Cities: Skylines has the tunes you've been waiting for! The new rock radio station takes the mute out of your commute with everything from grunge and classic rock to sleaze rock and metal. Rock Radio is the perfect soundtrack to build your own Detroit Rock City - just try not to trash your hotel rooms too much!


With Rock City you're not only getting new songs, but also DJ Lars. Lars Kurtfield, the aging rocker and host of Rock City Radio written by Steven K Wells, writer of the previous Cities: Skylines radio DJs and commercials.


Rock City Radio contains the following tracks:

1. Blazing Pearls - It Wasn't Built To Last

2. Blazing Pearls - Stardog

3. California Saints - Diamonds And Stones

4. California Saints - The Rose on Sunset

5. Catskills - Without You

6. Catskills - You And I

7. Chromosphere - Clusters

8. Chromosphere - The Paradox Lucidity

9. Dreams of Utopia - Taste of Love

10. Dreams of Utopia - Your Temple

11. Freewheelin' - 7 Years to Life

12. Green River - Could Have Been Me

13. Green River - Road to Ruin

14. Green River - Three Days of Peace

15. NESTOR - Don't Leave Me Dry

16. NESTOR - Lose Myself

Cities: Skylines - Rock City Radio image
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Release date2017-05-18
DeveloperParadox Interactive
PublisherParadox Interactive