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The Guest

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The Guest" is a gloomy adventure full of enigmas where the exploration of your surroundings comes to prominence; puzzles, secrets and riddles will help you discover who has locked you in this somber hotel room and most importantly, why.


Key Features


Immersive storytelling.

  • The mood and the feel of the game, and the mysterious background of the Doctor Evgueni Leonov makes the game a unique experience, travelling through the character story and discovering unexpected places that will make you wonder what’s going on there. The sci-fi story behind those enigmatic walls makes it even powerful and encouraging for the player to feel things through the gameplay experience.



  • Set in an unkempt hotel, in the 80's, 'The Guest' confronts us a dark and mysterious environment, creating a unique bond between the player and the atmosphere.


Gameplay experience.

  • Combinig mechanics from the classic great adventures with puzzles and narrative the player will get deeper and deeper into the plot.
  • There will be events where we will control our character in a critical mental state, breaking the games rhythm and looking for new experiences.
  • A quality soundtrack with a calm but hair-raising rhythm will provide endless mystery and suspense.


This can be done thanks to these features:

  • Free to roam and explore our surroundings, accessing every corner of the room.
  • Different puzzles and enigmas to solve, each one of them with its own personality and complexity.
  • Unique events inside the storyline which will increase our immersion in the game.
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Additional info
Release date2016-03-10
DeveloperTeam Gotham
Publisher505 Games