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Rage Runner


This game is provided via Steam key. For key redemption a free steam account is required.


About This Game

This fast, fun and challenging sci-fi game is truly like no other 3D racer, it will make you cry JUST ONE MORE TRY!

Race through beautiful procedurally generated 3D space-scapes or a set of 13 hand-crafted challenges that will put your skills to the test.

Key Features
* 57 Steam Achievements
* 19 Steam Leaderboards
* Level of the Day
* Unlockable Ships
* 13 handcrafted levels
* 100,000,000 Procedurally Generated Levels
* Tight Controls
* Kid Mode (Joyride)
* Level Editor
* Great Soundtrack
Rage Runner image
Additional info
DeveloperHypercane Studios
PublisherPlug In Digital
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