Stayin’ Alive Early Access Now Available

Visit our newly established retirement home and join 4 tired-of-life old geezers in their struggle to commit suicide and escape the joy-killing clutches of 4 life-loving nurses! Prepare for the hilarious, highly entertaining, first ever FPSS (First Person Saver/Suicider)!

Get A New Lease On Life This Year!

Do your best to die, or to save your enemies from death in this frantic multiplayer tug-of-war game about living and dying. Staying Alive is a game involving four wheelchair-bound retirees who have decided it's high time to meet their maker, and four nurses who must keep the old geezers alive at all costs. Choose your side and let the dying/saving begin!

*DISCLAIMER*: Please remember that the current version of Stayin’ Alive is an Early Access build. It will be subject to bugs and glitches. If you do not want your gameplay experience to be interrupted by imperfections then please wait until the full Steam release.