Gala Fund

IndieGala is proud to announce a brand new tool that looks to support the amazing world of indie games.

After 11 successful IndieGala bundles - which have granted thousands of players from across the world access to affordable, high quality indie games while also supporting charities and indie developers - we feel that there's no better time to launch the Gala Fund.

The Gala Fund aims to be the ultimate solution for independent developers with brilliant ideas and empty pockets; a space in which promising teams of developers will be given the chance to bring their games to life.

By joining The Gala Fund, developers will be able to maintain their independence and pursue any mind-blowing project they choose without bending to the requirements of big publishers.

The introduction of the Gala Fund aims to boost the independent developer scene while giving new and young developers the chance to make the games they want to make, with absolutely no restriction on creativity.

All developers who believe they have an interesting project in the pipeline may apply to be selected for galafund filling out the form below. Our selection process will begin in the coming weeks, we guarantee to examine carefully every project that will be sent to us.

The Gala Fund: our small investment for your big games.

Apply for the Gala Found

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