MEGA UPDATE: Die Young's Story Expands into the High Tower Update

Don't miss the ultimate summer treat for fans of first-person survival-parkour games! IndieGala presents the exclusive Die Young Deluxe Pack that contains its newest and highly acclaimed release, Die Young, plus the bonus game Downward for an extra dose of wall-running action!

Venture into Die Young's mesmerizing but perilous island as the story expands with 4 additional hours of gameplay in the High Tower Update!

There's new survival equipment, new enemies on patrol, and even a remote encounter with Die Young's antagonist who will talk you through a number of new quests! Take advantage of the exclusive Die Young Deluxe Pack using the form below and get along with Die Young also the bonus game Downward for an extra dose of wall-running action!

Items included in this pack:

  • - Die Young: $14.99
  • - Downward: $9.99

  • Die Young Deluxe Pack: $14.99
  • What You Save: -$9.99 (-40% OFF)

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Price: $ 14.99 - Deluxe Pack: Die Young Steam key + Downward Steam key
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First of all, we’d like to express our appreciation for everybody who has supported Die Young since we went into Early Access on Steam this summer.

More than 10,000 EA supporters have allowed us to push development forward at the pace we promised and, hand-in-hand, we’re crafting a truly thrilling indie game experience! You can check out some of the gameplay videos for Die Young and, if you’d like to join us and our community on this journey, we welcome you with open arms!

Recently, we discovered that pirated copies of Die Young were being hosted on dozens of sites by pirates who crack steam protection. Candidly, this is good news and bad news for us.


The good news is simply in discovering that there is enough interest in our early access indie game for pirates to make this effort. But the bad news comes manifold:


  1. Pirated copies of Die Young are just not good for business
  2. Playing pirated games (especially when they’re in Early Access) potentially alienates gamers from the developers and curbs the generation of valuable feedback
  3. Players expose themselves to cybersecurity risks when they deal with pirates


If you don’t have enough money but you want to play the game, or if you simply want to check if your hardware is able to run it smoothly, we’re providing safe, DRM-free access to Die Young (Version on IndieGala until December 31st 2017. There’s no catch and no strings attached and it's the *FULL Game* with all the events that occurs in Daphne's story so far. This version will be available until 31 Dec 2017 for everyone and will not be patched with Steam version updates thereafter mostly because we are a small team and it's difficult for us to maintain both a Steam and DRM Free version ( that has several differences in the codebase, mostly related to Steam DLL Strip and other tedious tech reasons).


This is a sort of experiment for us and in January after winter holidays we'll consider whether releasing another updated build patched to what should be the latest version ( we should reach 0.6 in Jan if everything goes according to plan ). Once we hit 1.0 the story will end and the game will leave Early Access program.


We wait for your feedback in Discussions area of Steam Hub and Official Ideas and Suggestions Thread.


We think this is truly a #GamersUnite moment. Don’t support those who would knife game developers in the back. All devs are trying to do is create an enjoyable experience for you.


Remember: If you play DRM free version your saved games are compatible with Steam version. So if you buy the game on Steam in the future you will not have to start over.