MEGA UPDATE: Die Young's Story Expands into the High Tower Update

Don't miss the ultimate summer treat for fans of first-person survival-parkour games! IndieGala presents the exclusive Die Young Deluxe Pack that contains its newest and highly acclaimed release, Die Young, plus the bonus game Downward for an extra dose of wall-running action!

Venture into Die Young's mesmerizing but perilous island as the story expands with 4 additional hours of gameplay in the High Tower Update!

There's new survival equipment, new enemies on patrol, and even a remote encounter with Die Young's antagonist who will talk you through a number of new quests! Take advantage of the exclusive Die Young Deluxe Pack using the form below and get along with Die Young also the bonus game Downward for an extra dose of wall-running action!

Items included in this pack:

  • - Die Young: $14.99
  • - Downward: $9.99

  • Die Young Deluxe Pack: $14.99
  • What You Save: -$9.99 (-40% OFF)

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Price: $ 14.99 - Deluxe Pack: Die Young Steam key + Downward Steam key
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